studio rules

all new students must register and pay for their class when they arrive.

please arrive for your class in a timely manner.

wear appropriate clothing for your class.

remove all jewellery prior to your class.

do not use any lotions, fake tan or oils on the day of your class as they will interfere with your grip and leave a film on the equipment.

any student deemed intoxicated will be asked to leave.

we reserve the right to terminate your class/membership if your conduct is deemed to cause distress, endanger, harass, or annoy any student, instructors or property belonging to studio-202.

do not use the equipment before or in between classes.

please be quiet whilst you are waiting for your class if there is another class in progress.

listen to your instructor at all times and do not talk over them.

only do the move the instructor has told or shown you.

do not help anyone into a move.

do not touch a student while they are trying a move unless asked to do so.

do not attempt to to teach anyone during a class, you are not insured. please get the instructor to show the move.

appropriate crash mats must be used at all times.

moves must be spotted by the instructor first.

please clean your pole after you finish if you have used any grip aids.

please share the equipment equally.

do not leave the poles on spin.

the studio reserves the right to change the timetable or substitute a class or instructor due to unforeseen circumstances.

all breakages must be paid for.

be nice to everyone, support and boost your fellow aerialist. have fun, make friends!

cancellation policy

cancellations within 24 hours must be made via the studio and will be liable for a £5 cancellation charge.

no shows will be liable for the full cost of the class plus a £5 missed class charge.