Pole Fitness

Our pole fitness classes are based on the studio syllabus.

The syllabus was created from  the Spin city pole bible and the PDC moves list.

Level 1 is our beginner class, only moves and combos at the level are shown.

All students must start at this level to ensure a good base knowledge of the moves, spins,  combos and conditioning moves.

We wear shorts and sports bra for class, you need skin to grip the pole.

Aerial Hoop

The  Aerial hoop is a circular steel ring suspended from the ceiling on which you may perform aerial acrobatics. It can be used static, spinning or swinging.

We have a syllabus we follow based on the Spin City syllabus.

You will need leggings and T-shirt for class.

Pole Silks

Pole silks combines the beauty of silks with the power of pole.

The silks are attached to the top of the pole with a special clamp.

A completely new experience with Aerial silks and Pole.

You will learn spins, different grips, holds, poses, inverts and much, much more.

You will need shorts and leggings, a long sleeved top is advantageous.

Aerial Hammock

Aerial Hammock is a long piece of fabric  suspended to form a sling.

Approximately 2 meters wide it is wide enough to fit your whole body into it so you can perform poses and drops.

It exercises the whole body and will help build core strength as well as stamina, spacial awareness and flexibility.

Cotton leggings should be worn to give a better grip on the fabric.

Handstands, Head stands and arm balance

Turn your world upside down in the exciting class.

Build upper body strength, stamina, improve core strength, posture, flexibility, balance and coordination.

This class is suitable for any level.

Children's Aerial Fitness

In this class you will learn a variety of aerial skills Aerial hoop, Trapeze, Pole silks, Lollipop Lyra, , Spin pole and Aerial pole. 

From ages 6 upwards.

We operate a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.

Any cancellation within 24 hours must be made via the studio and will incur a £5 cancellation charge.

No shows are charged for the class and a £5 missed class charge.



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